Using Corsets as part of Scoliosis Correction

I happily stumbled across this fantastic publication today. Published quite recently (early 2012), it is a study on the use of corsets (in conjunction with wearing weighted backpacks and regular physiotherapy/ exercise) to considerably improve the scoliosis in this adult patient.

NB: these results may not be typical (especially since there’s a variation in the severity of scoliosis from the start) and the use of corsets (either standard sized or custom) may not work miracles. But as the author mentioned, corsets or “textile braces” may provide a method of reshaping the ribs (and through this offer some secondary effects such as improved breathing) to a point, which is not normally possible through surgery.

Lumbostat back brace, image from

Depending on one’s personal situation, a scoliosis patient may find wearing a corset more discreet, more comfortable and more affordable than wearing a rigid brace of hard plastic or steel plates. However, effectiveness in treatment may vary. A skilled corset maker should be able to take measurements of each side of the body and create a special asymmetric corset made to stabilize (and in some cases, as you can read in the article, even possibly correct) the curvature of the spine.

You can view a gallery dedicated to asymmetric corsets here!

Edit: a number of scoliosis patients have confirmed that some medical braces are very similar in shape and form to a corset (medical corset or otherwise). Do click the picture on the right to see more examples of back braces, some of which give up to 5″ reduction in the waist in order to keep the spine immobile.

*Please note that this article is strictly for information purposes and not intended to replace the advice of a licensed medical professional. Please talk to your doctor if you’d like to start wearing a corset for any reason.*

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19 comments on “Using Corsets as part of Scoliosis Correction

  1. Hi!I have a question can wearing a corset that women use to get their waist smaller treate scoliosis?

  2. Italina on said:

    Hello,my name is Italina I am 14years old.I have scoliosis 28-30 degrees.I learned that from last year and doctor said to keep this corset I took it and I kept 1year then I start to be like kinda fat and that corset didn’t fit me more so I went to doctor to ask what I have to do now,and he said that corset helped me alot and the scoliosis turned to 24degrees.Then I tooked another corset the and I kept 3months then Again I had to change and now I have that corset and doctor said that I should keep 3years now.So the question for you is that Am I going to cure with this corset or no?thank you

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Italina, I am not your doctor and I don’t know where the curve in your spine is or how far rotated your ribcage and hips are. I also don’t know which kind of corset your doctor gave you for treatment. If you have already lost about 5 degrees in your spine, this is a good thing and you are going in the right direction. Some people never see a 100% improvement, but any improvement is better than none. Follow your doctor’s advice and wear the brace or corset he recommends because he is specifically trained in this field.

    • you wont cure it but you can reduce your scoliosis while you still grow. I would sugest you visit a chirpractor aswell to get more out of it.

  3. I have scoliosis but it’s only minor, it’s only visible because one side of my waist curves in as the other side goes straight down, would a corset be able to make me have curves on both sides of my waist?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Demi, I know of people with scoliosis who waist train all the time! If you would specifically like to make your body look more symmetric, you might want to look into a custom fit corset. However there are cheaper options that may be viable, like corsets with adjustable hip ties. I have another video on corsets and asymmetry here – however, (just like with Gogala experiencing some obstacles in his self-treatment) depending on the situation, results can’t be guaranteed.

  4. Nina capozzoli on said:

    I have scoliosis to where my right back rin sticks out how can I contact someone to be fitted or to get a corrector corset?:)

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Nina, I believe Contour Corsets makes asymmetric, corrective corsets and it may be best to start with her for inquiries.

  5. Harriet on said:

    Hi! I’m interested in a corset and have scoliosis that makes my right hip stick out. My curvature wasn’t large enough for surgery however it would be great if I could correct it by wearing a corset!


    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Harriet, if you’d like a special asymmetric corset to correct your curvature, I’d highly recommend speaking to Fran of Contour Corsets – she has made corrective corsets before. 🙂

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  9. Francesca on said:

    How would a corset affect someone who has had scoliosis back surgery?

    • bishonenrancher on said:

      Hi Francesca, I’m honestly not sure. Have you had the rods in place? I would highly recommend talking to your doctor, chiropractor and/or orthopedic technician before starting corseting and see what they say. Then I would go to a corsetiere that knows how to pattern and construct a corset for asymmetries, such as Contour Corsets. Best wishes!

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  11. I have worn girdles and waist cinchers since I was a teenager. I like the feeling of support and control they give me. But, I’ve always felt as though I needed something else. I’ve tried longline bras, high-waisted girdles, all-in-ones, and waist cinchers to help control my middle. But until I discovered your wonderful videos on YouTube, I never so much as considered a corset. I always assumed they’d be scratchy and uncomfortable.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    After watching many of your informational videos, I decided to give corsets a try. I purchased a WT-007 from Corset-Story. I’ve been wearing it a month, and have already achieved a 3″ waist reduction. It feels as comfortable as a hug, and holds in my waist better than I had imagined. An unexpected benefit is how it greatly reduces back pain from my herniated disc, allowing me to remain standing longer than otherwise possible. And it helps me control the size of the meals I eat, so I’m already beginning to lose some extra pounds. Wow! I just wish I’d discovered corsets years ago!

    Thank you so much for all your videos. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Dave44 – wow! That’s fantastic that you have had such a positive experience with corsets. I’m so glad that my little videos have helped give you to courage to try a corset. It’s true that one can never really understand what a corset is like until they try one for themselves! It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to reduce pain, and shift toward a healthier weight. Thank you for your kind comment, and best wishes. 🙂

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