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Outfits with a Corset: Featuring “Corset Jacket”

A quick post on one of my favourite items in my wardrobe these days: the “Corset Jacket”. It looks like a two-button blazer in the front but has two rows of grommets in the back with ribbon, to tighten the jacket slightly. In my opinion this jacket looks stunning when worn over a corset and tightened to show off the silhouette. I often have problems finding jackets that have broad shoulders, long sleeves and are large in the -ahem- chest area, without leaving me swimming in the waist and hips. A jacket that was adjustable in the waist seemed like a suitable solution. After looking at the sizing for shoulder breadth/ sleeve length of these jackets, I took a chance and ordered a size medium.

I’m not good at officially reviewing leather garments as I don’t own many leather items, but I can say that all the seams are stitched (not just “taped”), the lining in it fits well, it seems symmetric and the quality of the different pieces of leather is good and uniform throughout. Although it’s not advertised as a raincoat, I use it as such and I feel like the coolest person in the world walking around in my leather jacket while everyone else is in plastic ponchos and fluorescent windbreakers.

Also in this outfit I’m wearing:

  • a pink/white cincher (which will be reviewed in the future)
  • “jeggings” (jean leggings) which fit nicely under a corset because it doesn’t have a bulky waistband
  • a fitted white zippered blouse. I personally find that zippered shirts are more comfortable under corsets compared to button-down shirts, because buttons are lumpy against my skin and zips are more uniform.
  • I completed this outfit with simple black flats and a black small purse, and wore this out to sushi with friends. :)

To see my outfit in detail, watch this video:

Stay tuned for other outfits in the future! :D


3 thoughts on “Outfits with a Corset: Featuring “Corset Jacket”

  1. I love the idea of jeggings but am curious about the convenience of them. If they are sitting high up the waist is it possible to pull them down for washroom breaks or do you have to unlace? I have worn leggings under mine and some of them I can wiggle down and tuck back up but it’s not easy:-)
    Thanks for all your wonderful video’s!
    xx Coco

    1. Hi Coco! I don’t find the jeggings to be that inconvenient. They’re more on the “low rise” side of jeggings so they’re great to wear with my cinchers, although admittedly longline corsets are a bit more troublesome! In that situation I will simply loosen the bottom of the corset a little bit to tuck it back. I’m not the type to go to the bathroom every hour, though. ;) I wear jeggings in my Corsets and Toilet Issues post so I talk a bit more about it there. :)

      1. Thanks for the quick response and the helpful tips; I’ll have to give them a try:-)

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