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Totally Waisted! Black Taffeta Underbust Corset Review

Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 06:01 pm

This entry is a summary of the review video “Totally Waisted! Black Taffeta Underbust Corset Review” which you can watch on YouTube here:


This is the first of a few reviews of custom corsets made by individual corsetieres. I’d like to celebrate the work of small businesses and the artists of the corsetry world! This video is a review of the “not so typical” black underbust corset, made by Kate, the owner of Totally Waisted! (The ! is part of the name.) I met Kate in downtown Toronto this past spring; it was my first experience having a professional mockup fitting done by another corsetiere! Her artistry combined with her great business ethic and her spunky nature made for a fun and smooth experience overall.

Fit, length Center front is 13 inches, height from underbust to lap is 10.5 inches, however this version was made to measure. This is a longline corset (goes over the hips); the back has a unique sweeping lower edge that is both flattering and comfortable. I would recommend a shape like this for anyone who has had issues with lower edges of other corsets poking into their lower back or top of bum.
Material Two layers: fashion fabric is black taffeta, strength layer German coutil. The coutil has the tightest weave of any coutil I’ve seen before and it’s insanely strong. There is no additional liner; the stitching is neat enough that a liner isn’t needed to hide the “guts”, and Kate also likes to make her corsets as light and unbulky as possible.
Embellishments include lace overlay in large motifs (which is mirror-matched) and black Swarovski crystals, hand-set.
Construction 5 panels per side – gives a curvy, wrinkle-free shape. It feels as though the coutil and taffeta were treated as one layer. All boning channels (except for the pair by the grommets) are external channels – all spring steel bones.
Binding Made from matching strips of black taffeta, neatly machine stitched on both outside and inside. Extra care was taken to make the corners/edges neat and match up properly
Waist tape Waist tape is about 1″ wide, visible on the inside of the corset, secured at front and back panels and also by the stitching of the boning channels. Even though it’s exposed, it is not uncomfortable in any way.
Modesty panel No modesty panel as Kate designs her corsets to close completely in the back. She makes these corsets to order, so the waist size is of your choosing. There is a placket extending from the knob side of the busk to prevent pinching or skin from showing through.
Busk 11” long with 5 pins, a standard busk –  ½” wide on each side, although it is reinforced with a bone on each side. When I had this corset made to measure, I was given the option of several different lengths of busks. As I have a long torso, this was a great asset.
Boning 24 steel bones total, not including busk. All of them are spring steel (flat) bones. The front and back are sturdier to keep the line straight, but the bones on the sides are made of a special more flexible spring steel to accommodate curves.
Grommets 24 grommets total, size #00 two-part grommets with moderate flange; set equidistantly, no splits, no wear/fraying/pulling out of grommets.
Laces The laces are 1” wide black double-faced satin ribbon, very strong, pretty, and holds its bows reasonably well. The ribbon can glide smoothly through the grommets with no catching.
Price Standard size for this corset is $325 USD, and if you’d like made to measure with mockup, it’s an additional $40.
Promotional photos for the same style of longline underbust (standard sized, while mine is made to measure)

Final thoughts:

This corset really isn’t your typical black underbust. Due to its custom fit (and its comfort), its lightness and its sparkly embellishment, this has replaced the majority of my other black underbusts! I do treat it a bit daintily because I don’t want the crystals to fall off over time.

I’m learning more about my body as I delve more into custom fit corsets – namely, that custom corsets look less curvy on my figure due to the curves being distributed over a longer length. I’d love to work with Kate again in the future as it’s so convenient to have her relatively close by for fitting appointments.

3 thoughts on “Totally Waisted! Black Taffeta Underbust Corset Review

  1. Hi Lucy…I am new to all of this and I’ve been watching your corset training videos. I have a 34 in waist right now, 4o in bust, 40 in hips and I am interested in the underbust red corest your wearing in ur website pic…it seems comfortable and full coverage. What do your recommend for me to start waist training? I would prefer underbust and over the hips so it doesnt pinch. Any additonal tips or recommendations on comfortable, sturdy, starter corsets?

    1. Hi Diana, sorry for the late response. To get this particular corset (the Totally Waisted! one) you can do a search on Etsy and send Kate a PM. She does custom orders too, if you want a waist training corset. For the red one I’m wearing in the header, that’s unfortunately not a waist training corset but I can make you a red one that’s better suited to waist training if you’d like to join my waiting list (in which case send me an email). I hope this helps! :)

  2. How can I purchase this corset??

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