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Leatherotics Hipster 1817 Corset Review

This entry is a summary of the review video “Corset Review: Leatherotics Underbust Longline “Hipster” 1817″ which you can watch on YouTube here:

Fit, length Front is about 12.5″ long. modern slim silhouette, not Victorian hourglass.
Longline; comes over the hips, good for lower tummy control. Not recommended for short-waisted people.
Moderate room in the hips. Relatively small in the ribcage.
Material Two layers; heavy outer satin (easily wipes clean) and inner twill.
Construction Faux flat-felled seams (topstitching) between panels, internal boning channels.
Binding Satin bias binding in black; machine stitched on both inside and outside.
Waist tape A 1″ wide waist tape (ribbon) visible on lining side, stitched down at boning channels.
Modesty panel Attached flexible back lacing protector, also front placket behind busk.
Busk Heavy busk (1″ wide on each side), about 11.5 inches long.
Boning 14 bones not including busk: 10 1/4″ wide spiral steel, 4 flats along the back.
Grommets 24 grommets total, size #0 two-part grommets with small flange; no wear/fraying/pulling out of grommets
Laces Nylon braided black shoelace-style laces; some spring to them but no breaking/ripping.
Price $140 USD when not on sale.

Final Thoughts:

This was my first true longline, and it launched my search for well-fitting, curvaceous and comfortable longline corsets. Most of my corsets I own these days are now longline as it’s my preferred aesthetic. Because this particular piece was so long in the front, I sometimes had a bit of trouble fastening the busk, and had a bit of trouble sitting down. This corset was pretty and quite smooth for an entry-level corset, but it’s not made for daily training. If you’re looking for something appropriate for training, here is a page that outlines the waist training friendliness of various OTR brands. The ribcage runs small in Leatherotics corsets so I would suggest ordering up a size compared to what you’d usually get from off-the-rack corsets.