Corset Benefits

For centuries, we’ve heard people harp on about the risks, dangers, and allegedly “misogynistic” uses of corsets. But is it possible that a corset can benefit a person, or even assist in healing them? To me, corsets were always much more than just vanity – they were armour. There is a reason that my avatar shows me wearing a helmet and corset together. (Yes, because it’s silly, but also because they’re synonymous.)


One person may look at a Trojan helmet and say, “Look at this torture device. Can you imagine wearing a heavy dome of metal on your head in blistering heat? Don’t you know that helmets represent war, and war is evil? Don’t you know that helmets cut off your peripheral vision, and so figuratively represents ‘blinders’? Why won’t you liberate yourself, and take off that helmet?”

Only the owner of that helmet knows how many times his helmet had saved his life in battle. Today, although war rages on in many parts of the world, many of our “battles” are fought from inside our own bodies.

While reading through over 600 entries for my last two giveaway contests (wherein each person had written about their own experiences in how corsets have improved their quality of life), I came to realize how many ways corsets can help their wearers – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It affects much more than our egos, our silhouettes and our bank accounts. Sometimes corsets become our therapy, our medical devices, and to some, even part of our identity.

Click through the links below to learn more about corset benefits. To say that a corset has never caused harm to any wearer would be a lie. However, to claim that a corset has never benefited any wearer would be a bigger lie. To those who have never experienced a corset, I would never force one on you or ask you to walk a mile in our shoes (or corsets, rather) – but I at least encourage you to look past the frills, the “fetishistic” connotations and the volatile history, to what a well-made, well-fitting modern corset is able to do for its wearer. You’d be hard-pressed to find another simple garment that has the potential to help–or even heal–a person in all the ways a corset can.

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*Please note that this article is strictly for information purposes and not intended to replace the advice of a medical physician. LucyCorsetry is not responsible for any injury caused by use or misuse of a corset. Please talk to your doctor if you’d like to start wearing a corset for any reason whatsoever.*

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