As I’ve stated in my latest video, the process of moving all my videos from bishonenrancher over to LucyCorsetry on Youtube has been very frustrating as there are several glitches that are not allowing some of my videos to upload, or to be played once uploaded.

Therefore I have decided to go back to my old Youtube channel, bishonenrancher. As some of my subscribers have said, viewers “fear change” and were simply more comfortable with my original channel. Also, my original channel is still fully functional. If you haven’t subscribed to bishonenrancher, you may do so here.

So, what will happen to the videos I uploaded to LucyCorsetry? Those will stay there, and I will eventually be re-filming those tutorials in better quality and with more knowledge under my belt. Now that I’ve been making corsets casually for awhile, I am much more versed in the subject and much more comfortable making tutorials now. I also now know how to be clear and concise, as is (not) portrayed in this entry. :p

In summary, I’m back. Sorry for the confusion. I will now update this blog excessively to make up for lost time. 😉

Lucy’s Little Life Lesson: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

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